Crocker Museum in Sacramento, California.

JULY 10, 2016 — OCTOBER 02, 2016

Contemporary glass leapt into the 21st century with new heights of expression. This exhibition surveys the work of some seventy dynamic global artists pushing the medium’s boundaries to make art in its fullest definition. Included are the field’s premier visionaries—Dale Chihuly, Nick Mount, Klaus Moje, Lino Tagliapietra, Marvin Lipofsky, and others, who made glass a vehicle for ideas, forever transforming the 20th-century studio movement. Their passionate exploration of European traditions and pursuit of material mastery formed networks of artists, expanding the appreciation of studio glass across continents. More than ever, at the turn of the century, material handling and conceptual exploration challenged how we perceive mass, volume, and form. From the life-sized, figural forms of Karen LaMonte to the cast-glass abstractions of Richard Whiteley, and the expectation-shattering sculptures of Masahiro Asaka and Christina Bothwell, the future of contemporary sculpture emerges.


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Carrick Hill celebrating its 30th pearl anniversary

Carrick Hill celebrating its 30th pearl anniversary

March 07, 2016
Artist Robert Hannaford and Carrick Hill's Sonya Rowell wearing a strand of pearls and holding a Palais Royal trinket box to mark Carrick Hills Year of the Pearl (30th) anniversary holding the picture will include two large scale glass plums newly made by Adelaide’s internationally acclaimed glass artist Nick Mount; The newly made ‘plums’ are part of the exhibition Passion and Taste at Carrick Hill opening 9 March by the SA Governor Also pictured are Robert Hannaford's new reproduction of Joshua Smith, the William Dobell portrait. and An Ivor Hele portrait of Edward Hayward.
CARRICK Hill will celebrate its 30th birthday of public openings by drawing inspiration from the classic milestone anniversary gift — pearls.

The iconic Springfield destination will open a Year of the Pearl program on Wednesday and the first exhibition for 2016 titled Passion and Taste; a celebration of collecting — revealing how the Hayward family created their famous collection of art and antiques and what part it played in their lives.

Richard Hannaford (pictured) with Carrick Hill’s Sonya Rowell will display his reproduction of Joshua Smith the William Dobell portrait which caused a stir in 1943 when it won the Archibald Prize and was denounced by artists as a caricature.

Pearls feature in the Hayward Bequest but are also depicted in paintings in the Hayward’s collection.

Governor Hieu Van Le will open this year’s program.

March 5, 2016 11:47pm

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