Nick Mount Exhibtion in Pittsburgh Celebrates his bottles and bobs

Going on his fifth decade as a  glass artist, Nick Mount is revered by many as a pioneer in the field. Glass had a resurgence in his native Australia a bit later than American Studio Glass and its influence on European art. However, Mount was at the forefront of the upswing of craft art in 1970s Australia, and has been perfecting his technique ever since. The Pittsburgh Glass Center (PGC) is providing a forum to consider the past decade of his artistic experimentation, and we can marvel at the modesty of an artist who according to his website is only now, “starting to understand the medium.” Nick Mount’s solo show runs through July 15th, 2012 at the Glass Center in Pittsburgh’s East End.

Titled “10 year of Bottles and Bobs: a Survey,” Mount’s work of the past decade is explored through his series of “plumb bobs”  and ”scent bottles” for which he is most recognized. Heavily informed by the Viennese glass making tradition, his work also maintains a daring conceptual bent. In describing his recent works, he begins construction with the articulation of a skilled glass blower, then deconstructs the sculpture, gluing mismatched pieces together in more interesting ways.

In a press release sent to GLASS Quarterlyheadquarters from PGC, Mount is quoted as saying, “I am really excited to have this rare opportunity to show significant works from over the last 10 years and see their evolution as objects and changing ideas.” His process allows for a glimpse into the nature of evolution as he creates many objects with the intention of rearranging them post-completion. Over the course of decade of working in this particular style, the transformation of objects and ideas is more prominent than ever.

Nick Mount; “10 Year of Bottles and Bobs: a Survey;” photo courtesy: pittsburgh glass center


 Nick Mount

“10 Years of Bottles and Bobs: A Survey”

Through July 15th, 2012

Pittsburgh Glass Center

5472 Penn Avenue

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

-Katharine Morales